Pivoting towards interactive fiction

Kinda pivoting in a different direction here. Towards something less like a traditional adventure game and closer to what you might call a visual novel or even interactive fiction.

Recently I came to realize that I was focusing too much on rendering pretty pictures when pretty pictures just don’t make for much of a game. And then it occurred to me… maybe a traditional game isn’t really what I want to make! What I really want is to tell a story.

The Webmaster as interactive fiction

And you know what? You don’t need a full-blown game engine to tell a decent story.

With this epiphany, I am no longer shackled to Unity during development and testing. Working in Unity always felt like, well, work… something about it was almost suffocating: This enormous editor designed for AAA games with an insane amount of features, most of which I wouldn’t ever use for this kind of game.

Now, by using Ink directly, I can just write freely in a text editor and iterate much more quickly.

Of course I’ll still work on rendering backgrounds and illustrations. But there will be less direct interaction with the game and (much) more text to read.
Which is fine by me, as anything that reduces my workload is a win in my book.