Devlog #1 - First Post

Hello and welcome (back?) to my little development log. On these pages I’ll be talking about the continued and ongoing development of my adventure game, The Webmaster. I’ll discuss game development ideas, techniques, various issues I run into and will talk you through the progress as the project comes along.

Third time’s the charm

And this time for real, too! Must be the third or fourth time I’ve relaunched this blog over the years. And every time it would fall into neglect shortly after.
How is this one different, I hear you scoffing? For one (I hope!) I’ve finally come up with a style for the game that’s, well, “sustainable” for lack of a better word. You see, in previous iterations I had too lofty goals for this project; inevitably they’d come crashing down on me sooner or later. They were simply out of reach for a sole developer like myself who’s working on a game in what little spare time he has.

This time is different. I’m going for something with a more forgiving style. Something I can actually see myself completing in a reasonable timeframe. No more forever-projects. No more custom engine development… no more perfectionism… I need something to show for all the time I’ve invested into this game. And by God it’s been a lot! Too much!

Welcome aboard. And wish me luck.

brb, got some 1337 hacking to do.