Devlog #3 - Better Late Than Never

Oh dear… it’s been quite a while since my last post, hasn’t it? A lot has happened since then, though I am happy to report that I am in fact still working on this project.

For one, the story has been rewritten from scratch. Along with the story the title has also changed: What was “Fatal Attractions” is now “The Webmaster”.
With the changed title of course comes a new website under a new URL: This explains why you might find some out of date links here and there. Bear with me.

A spooky night in the neighborhood.
The setting in mid-90s American suburbia remains, as do the characters for the most part.

Aside from rewriting the story and rendering out what feels like a gazillion backgrounds, I’ve been hard at work ironing out the kinks of the game’s engine. I’m still using Unity in combination with Adventure Creator. While it certainly gets the job done, I always felt its visual, mouse-based workflow was never really ideal for me.
So I ended up developing a custom integration for the narrative scripting language Ink. This allows me to write the story interactions in a more coder friendly way. For example:

= tv_examine
- Steve: That's my TV.

= tv_use
- Steve: It won't turn on. The power is out!

More about that later. Anyway, here’s a few more screenshots showing the latest progress:

Play some video games...
...or go camping out in the woods?
Looks like somebody's got some cleaning up to do.

And finally my new year’s resolution: Keeping the damn devlog up to date!