On this page you'll find some screenshots of The Webmaster in varying states of completion:

November 2020

Is someone trying to send the kids a message?
Shopping in the antiques store

August 2020

What's in there?
What's down there?
Monsters in the closet.
Do you even know how much printer ink costs!?
Go to bed, dad, it's late.

April 2020

Is this the webmaster...?
Would you like a balloon?
That is one ugly fella...

March 2020

What's that glow?
That definitely wasn't there last time...
Is somebody trying to send them a message...?
Rerendered this scene in higher resolution.
WTF hand, you're not even part of the game! Go away!

February 2020

Something's afoot in the forest.
It's 1996 and there's no Wikipedia.
A secret passage in a spooky library? Say it ain't so!
When he sees it, bricks will be shat...
You do not want to mess with the Wendigo.

January 2020

Looks like something's about to go "boom"!
The mansion at dusk.
The mansion in the rain.
The hell are you doing down there?!
Apparently an arsonist is on the loose in town.
Poor Peanut... all alone somewhere out there :'-(

December 2019

Looks like somebody's got some cleaning up to do.
Play some video games...
The library? Whatever happened to the internet?! 1995 did.

November 2019

Stay at home and play the latest games on dad's 486...
...or go camping out in the woods?
A spooky night in the neighborhood.

June 2019

You sure you want to go in there...?
brb, got some 1337 hacking to do.

April 2019

Creepy things are afoot
Options screen
A beautiful day in the neighborhood...
Our hero's bedroom