Random Screenshot #6

Testing how the Wendigo works in an actual scene:

When he sees it, bricks will be shat...

It’s really nice to have so many of the scenes and assets up and ready for rendering. Setting up this shot took just an hour or two, including rendering and post.

The Wendigo

Here’s a first look at the main villain you’ll be dealing with in The Webmaster.


What is a Wendigo anyway? According to Wikipedia:

The wendigo (also wetiko) is a mythological man-eating creature or evil spirit from the folklore of the First Nations Algonquian tribes based in the northern forests of Nova Scotia, the East Coast of Canada, and Great Lakes Region of Canada and the United States. The wendigo is described as a monster with some characteristics of a human or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous. Its influence is said to invoke acts of murder, insatiable greed, cannibalism and the cultural taboos against such behaviors.

So yeah… you do not mess with the Wendigo.

Making a Villain

If there’s one thing I learned during the pre-production of this game it’s that villains are hard to get right! You have no idea how many different concepts I’ve gone through before settling on this guy. Clowns, vampires, evil scientists, random serial killers… you name it. If it’s a horror clich√© you can be sure I’ve tried it.

The biggest aspect giving me grief was the expressiveness: No matter what I’d try, my villains would always end up looking retarded rather than genuinely evil. I guess that’s what glowing eyes and a face fixed in a frozen snarl will do to people.

Hence my Wendigo wears a mask. Still looks evil, but avoids him having to feel self-conscious about being so gosh darn unphotogenic. Then again, looking around at other villains I think he’ll fit right in at the annual super-villain convention:

You do not want to mess with the Wendigo.
Slightly less dramatic lighting.

Video #1

The year is 1997 and these kids are already down with the online chat.

Kinda fun to write a mock IRC client in Unity.

Random Screenshot #5

What I’ve shown of The Webmaster so far has been fairly pedestrian in that it was mostly set in American suburbia. In fact, one might be left wondering why I’d even go through the trouble of rendering everything in 3D instead of just grabbing a camera and taking photos outside.

Considering I have practically no budget to speak of, I think this screenshot goes to show why 3D was the only realistic option. Not gonna find this kind of thing lying around on the street.

Looks like something's about to go "boom"!