Random Screenshots #17

Been a while since I last posted. Here are some new screenshots.

What's in there?
What's down there?
Monsters in the closet.
Do you even know how much printer ink costs!?
Go to bed, dad, it's late.

Random Screenshot #16

Kinda busy reworking parts of the story, but managed to squeeze in a render this afternoon. Still a bit WIP, but it’s getting there.

Would you like a balloon?

Random Screenshot #13

I usually don’t get much 3D work on done on workdays but today I didn’t really have anything better to do.

Our heroes come across another spooky character. Could this be… the webmaster?

Is this the webmaster...?

Random Screenshot #12

The power’s out due to the storm. An eerie glow in the forest. And a boy looking for his missing dog. Things are about to get interesting…

What's that glow?

Steve makes a disturbing discovery by the creek.

That definitely wasn't there last time...

Random Screenshot #10

A random paper boat appears as our heroes make their way through the forest. Is somebody trying to send them a message…?

Is somebody trying to send them a message...?